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100 Theme Art Challenge

I'm sure almost all of you know about the Art Challenge
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Been awhile since I last updated. I tend to do that because I'm not use to writing in journals. Though I heard it was good for you.

Been wondering how my big drawing came out? Well wonder no more~ I have a picture of the whole library wall to show you guys. My drawing is towards the window on the viewers right.

Second the Best

Forgot to post Thursday's progress photo's, but there wasn't much change. I'm taking forever to finish this one! Someone compared me to a slow scanner, but then they realized that I didn't do the shoulders or belt. Haha I have now three days to finish the big drawing. Not enough time so I'll be going in on friday.

Anyways here are the progress photos:


Hello, Livejournal!

This is my attempt to open up, to find myself, and to meet friendly people. Sounds like everyone else huh? Tee Hee I don't mind. We all have to start out somewhere, right?

Now onto a lighter more creative note~

I'm currently working on a eight foot tall pastel drawing of a friend/ co-worker of mine. I'm a Student Model for my college, (yes I do get paid to stand around ;] ) and my teacher allowed me to work on a class project even though I'm not in the class. I have taken the class before and this would be my third time doing the project. The first time I was the Student Model as well as a beginning student and the professor allowed me to do the advanced project and the second time I was actually in the class.

Here are some horrible camera phone images:

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